Core Web Vitals - Website Review

Is Your Website Too Slow to Keep Up?

Make SURE Your Website Meets Google's Standards

Google released a major algorithm update last year called Core Web Vitals. It factors page load speed and experience into your rankings. Less than 1/3 of websites pass Google’s speed test. If yours is one of them, you risk dropping in Google rankings.

Our team of web designers and SEO experts at EZMarketing can help update or refresh your website so you meet Google’s new requirements.


Schedule a free, no-obligation review to see if your website is up-to-speed. It includes:

  • Testing your website's speed and user experience against Google's benchmarks
  • Analyzing your current SEO efforts and visibility online
  • Walkthrough of your results and areas you need to improve to meet Google's standards
  • Practical, no-obligation advice for improving the design, content, and functionality of your site


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How to Get Your Website Up-to-Speed

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1. Test Your Site Speed

Test your site using Google's free PageSpeed Insights tool. If your overall score is less than 90, your site needs work to provide a good user experience.

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2.  Schedule a website review

Schedule your free website review with us, and we'll walk you through practical suggestions to meet Google's standards.

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3. Get an Optimized Website

If you decide to move forward, we will update or redesign your website to meet Google's requirements. We handle all the the design, copywriting, and coding to make it EZ for you.



Google Core Web Vitals—FAQs

What are Core Web Vitals?

Google Core Web Vitals are major algorithm updates that went live in May 2021. Google added new ranking factors related to page experience: site loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability.

Core Web Vitals is all about making sure visitors have a good experience on your web page. That starts with the key elements on the page loading quickly, so your visitors can start interacting with your site as soon as possible. 



Why are Core Web Vitals important?

Google releases updates all the time, but we and many experts believe this one is a big deal.

If your website doesn't load quickly and provide a good experience, your search rankings will likely suffer. In the same way that Google prioritized mobile-friendliness over the past few years, now they're pushing Web Core Vitals. We believe this is the next big shift in website design. It's a "must-have," not a "nice-to-have." 


How do I know if my website meets Google's criteria?

Test your website using Google's free PageSpeed Insights tool. If your overall score is less than 90, you don't meet Google's standards and your rankings may suffer.. Studies show that only about 1/3 of websites pass Google's test. 


Can I fix my existing website, or do I need a full redesign?

If your website doesn't meet Google's standards, there are many updates you can make to your existing site to improve page speed and performance. However, depending on how your website was designed and coded, there may be major issues that require a substantial redesign. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about addressing Core Web Vitals issues on your website.