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How to Identify the Perfect "Right Fit" Customer

Who is the "right" customer for your business?

Not every customer is a great customer. Every business has its “nightmare” customers – people who are impossible to work with, won’t pay their bills, or just aren’t a good fit for your product or services.

Identifying who to target is one of the most important foundational blocks of your business’s success. Defining the right target audience will help you focus your marketing, improve your messaging, and attract better, more profitable clients.

This is a practical, hands-on webinar where I'll walk you through how to definite your target market and ideal customer and narrow your business focus to a productive, profitable niche. I'll provide a simple workbook that will help you laser-focus on the right customer for your business.


What You'll Learn

  • Why identifying the right customer is critical for your business
  • The difference between Target Market and Ideal Customer
  • How to create a detailed profile to drill down to your ideal customer
  • Practical exercise: identifying a profitable target market for your business
  • Practical exercise: creating an ideal customer profile


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Tom Malesic is the President & CEO of EZSolution. Since starting his web design company 1997, Tom has grown EZ into a full service marketing agency (EZMarketing) and IT services provider (EZComputer Solutions).

As a small business owner, Tom understands the struggles that other local business owners face. He loves helping others understand internet marketing and website design and solving the big problems that help them grow their business.