Between websites, SEO, social media, traditional advertising, and more, there's not enough time or enough budget to do all the marketing you probably want to. So how do you decide what to focus on?

Too often, we see businesses spending on various different marketing efforts without a unified plan. At the end of the day, few of them know what worked, what didn't, and what to do next.

In this seminar, we'll teach you how to take control of your marketing by starting with a strong strategic plan. We'll walk you through the steps and the questions you need to answer to create a clear vision for your marketing. Finally, with the groundwork in place, we'll show you how to invest your marketing dollars in tactics that make sense for your business, and measure the results, so you know what's working.

This seminar is presented in partnership with the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Lancaster County

What You'll Learn

  • 6 simple steps to build an effective strategic marketing plan
  • The most important questions you need to ask about your business before you can market it effectively
  • Practical tips for identifying your target audience and creating compelling messaging
  • How to align your marketing tactics to achieve your business goals
  • Key metrics to measure the success of your marketing efforts

Who Should Attend

BIA Members, Business Owners, Company Presidents/CEOs, VPs and senior marketing professionals

Session Details:

Date: Friday, October 12, 2018
Time: Registration - 8:00AM; Seminar - 8:30 - 10:00AM
Location: BIA of Lancaster County
204 Butler Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17601


From Past Attendees:

"EZMarketing is a company that cares about your business. They have great local seminars in York and Lancaster, and I always learn a lot when I attend these. You can see they care about your business and stay up on the up and coming trends."
- Scott Lyman, Dream Vacations

"I really enjoyed the seminar. It was interesting and very informative!"
- Margarita Donahue, Fidevia LLC

"That was an amazing seminar!"
- Kathryn Xakellis, A Therapeutic Effect